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Sean, the manager at Aunt Bugs, has denied our request that one night's lodging be refunded to us for our inconvenience, and as of this writing, denies that his company knew of the major rodent infestation in the unit before renting it to us. In our opinion, this cabin needs to be closed for about a month while a professional wildlife company takes care of the rat problem.

The entire unit needs to be sanitized. We have filed a complaint with the Tennessee Real Estate Board about this company. We are not seeking monetary compensation, just that this company's real estate license be reviewed. Alpharetta, GA. I am so sorry about your experience and that you did not find this site sooner. Aunt Bug's does not get good reviews on here.

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I HATE rats and would have freaked out majorly! So sorry this happened to ya'll! Jen,,,just up the road from Atlanta.

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What a terrible experience. Thank you for adding your review. The busy season is coming up and every review helps those of us looking for a cabin in the area. Helps weed out the bad ones. We just returned from a stay at Aunt Bug's and ended up with bed bugs!

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Our cabin , The Lap of Luxury was clean and everything seemed in order, but once we got home we started finding odd bites on ourselves. We talked to a pest control specialist and apparently it takes a while for the bites to redden. Now we have to pay big bucks to make sure they didn't come home with us in our luggage or suitcases. Do not rent from Aunt Bug's! What a nightmare. I hope they do some cleaning and extermintaing in that cabin. And to the person who had issues with bed bugs, I've learned to check all the beds at places we stay before we even unpack our stuff.

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I've heard too many stories of people staying at very nice places and still bringing home bed bugs. You can check around the ends of the beds, thats where they are usually most visible. Aunt Bugs has camoflagued themselves for years as Acorn, Villas of Gatlinburg I'm surprised they haven't dropped the Aunt Bugs yet.

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As a cabin owner, they really don't have a good reputation with owners either. My husband and I were harrassed by them for months, demanding we switch rental companies.

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Even last summer while staying in my cabin, a couple who rented the Aunt Bugs cabin just down the road walked by. They told us how dirty the place was Just google Bed Bugs and you can get pictures,They are small red bugs you can see aroung the corners of the mattress most time in the stiching area.

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If you see a few there there are lots more you do not see they come out in the dark to feed on anyone in the bed. They also hitch hike home with you in your clothes and suitcases. They can infest a place in no time and are hard to get rid of once infested. You will see small red bites on you anywhere from one day to several days after being exposed.

Hope this helps answer some of your questions just google for more information. Put your luggage and things on a high surface off the floor table, dresser, whatever and pull the sheets up and check around the corners of the mattress. During daylight they will often be unactive but they can be found in mattress seams and around the corners of the mattress.

Even if you don't see the bugs you can still see the droppings or the bug shells gross, i know but since I've heard a few stories about people bringing these things home, I always check all the beds before we unpack. And its also a good idea to wash all your clothes in hot water when you get home just to be sure. Bed bugs are becoming more and more prevalent.

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They are not however, as most believe, because of unsanitary conditions. They are brought in by guests, in their luggage, they have "hitched a ride" from their home or another hotel.

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